Simio Training

Conflexion offers several different Simio training options including on-site training, online training (via GoToMeeting), and video-based training. Our instructors are expert Simio users and have many years of simulation practice and training experience. Contact Us to discuss your specific training needs and the pricing options for our offerings.

Our On-site Training is conducted at a location of your choice and is completely interactive. In all courses, users build models and conduct experiments along with the instructor and complete exercises with assistance from the instructor. Our basic on-site training courses are as follows:

Name Description Target Audience
3-Day Standard Course Covers the basics of simulation modeling and experimentation along with the most commonly used Simio components and modeling techniques. Users with little or no simulation background.
2-Day Standard Course Covers the commonly used Simio components and modeling techniques. Users with some simulation experience, but who are new to Simio
2-Day Advanced Course Covers the basic and advanced Simio components and modeling techniques. Users with significant simulation experience and/or some Simio experience.
Jump-start Consulting Our instructor working with your team to initiate one or more target projects. Typically done in conjunction with one of the previous three courses. All users.
Custom-developed Course Course content and duration is developed to meet your specific needs. All users.

Our Online Training used GoToMeeting to provide customized live training. Online training eliminates the need for travel and can be customized to meet specific time constraints. For example, training can be done in two or three-hour sessions rather than in full days.

Our Video-based Training uses pre-recorded video modules that include multiple videos, model samples, and exercises. Our current video-based training, Learning Simio Lab Series can be done at no cost. Contact Us if you would like to discuss the option for combining on-line training with the freely-available video-based training.

We are happy to develop customized training to meet any of your simulation training needs. Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.